Why Sree Nataraja Prathistana ? Preference to LEARNING :

Encourage students to start working towards their goal from your first day at Sree Nataraja Prathistana and prepare them for the rigorous of higher learning by providing teaching and training in skills and versatility for meeting academic excellence.

Excellence in TEACHING and LEARNING:

The college is striving for excellence in intellectual inquiry, academic freedom, personal integrity, and ethical practice in their scholastic endeavors. At the heart of all of this is an exciting and stimulating student - centered learning and teaching environment.

Principal's Desk

I extend a warm welcome to the students seeking admission to Sree Nataraja Pre - university College for Women. 'Education makes man perfect' goes the saying and perfection is our aim for making our students the model citizens of the country. Pre - university education is the bridge between the school education and higher/ professional education. Students come to us in their formative years and so the responsibility of moulding their personality rests with us. We take it on our shoulders to guide them to be responsible citizens of our nation. An all round development of their personality is our motto and so we inculcate sound values and provide an awareness of social and moral responsibility.

We strive hard to provide you with quality education, which takes you up on the ladder of success. I am very happy to say that the students passing out of our college carry with them the right values, on their journey of success in the years to come.

Your stay in the college will be made memorable by our teaching faculty who strike a beautiful balance of academic and personality development training. We understand the individual needs and aspirations of our students and so help each of them to achieve their potential. The inter - personal relationship of the staff and the students aims at achieving greater heights in your future life.