Clinical facilities

Sree Nataraja School of Nursing has arranged the clinical facilities at Mysore Prestigious Government K.R.Hospital.which has 1500 bedded facility. The Hospital has all the requirements necessary to have clinical experience such as ICU, ICCU, Dialysis, Orthopedics’, Medical Surgical , OT (operation Theatre), casualty and Emergency Minor OT, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Labor OT, X-Ray, Medical Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Endoscopes , ENT, Ophthalmic etc, as prescribed under the new set of syllabus of INC.

We have also made an MOU with Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Center Saragur for the specialization in OBG and Pediatrics which has bed strength of 150.

Health Services

1. Annual Medical Examination.

2. Vaccination against Tetanus, Hepatitis B, or any other communicable disease as considered necessary

3. Free Medical care during illness complete record


Well equipped Laboratory for Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, OBG, Community Health Nursing.

The college has well equipped Computer Laboratory through which education is provided to all Students with assistance of experienced teacher.


Sree Nataraja School of Nursing has a good library . It has fine text books and references books. Which will be issued to the students for additional reading. The library is a continuously growing organization and presently our library has over 2500 volumes on various subjects of nursing, In addition to these books, there are magazines journals in all nursing fields to update the knowledge of a student with the latest information, and periodicals. Our library works from to on all working days.