Facilities Offered by the College


We have a good Computer lab with more than 30 system to cater to the present needs of the teacher trainees’ with internet facility.

There are 36 classrooms for regular teaching alone and a number of other rooms like the Audio - Visual rooms and Resource rooms to facilitate better learning.


We have 8 Class rooms with all facilities with required number of furnitures with separate room for Principal, for the faculty and for the administrative staff,


We have a Library cum reading room with a seating capacity for 75 students equipped with more than 5000 books including text and reference books relevant to the course of study. Annual subscription are made for journals of teacher education and for other related discipline.


Laboratory with multiple sets of science apparatus and equipments required to perform and demonstrate experiments in physics, chemistry and Biology are provided to the students as per the syllabus of Secondary school.


At most care is taken to provide sports and games materials to conduct Indore and outdoor games regularly. The students will participate actively in sports and games as a part of the curriculum.


Cultural programme will be held weekly on every Friday. Student will take active participation in all the activities of the College.


We have a Separate Psychology Laboratory with all facilities to conduct simple experiments related to educational psychology as prescribed by the university. Experiment will be conducted group wise and individual wise


We provide well qualified and dedicated faculty, innovative approach for discussion, experiments and various other teaching facilities.

Practice Teaching Schools to provide better teaching,

Periodically Test will be conducted,

Counseling will be provided for better performance,

We have provided Medical Facility, Hostel Facility and Transportation Facility for easy academic flow

Safety measurement has been given major priority and installed fire exiting ushers at key points of the building

Course Offered

Hard Core Course : Compulsory subject of study which support the main discipline

Soft Core Course : An option for candidate to choose a course a course from a pool of courses offered by respective B.Ed Colleges and University of Mysore. Each candidates should choose a combination of soft courses form the B.Ed programme which are mentioned as follows

Languages :

1. Kannada

2. English

1. Language 1 & Language 2

2. Language & History & civil

3. Language & Geography & Economics

4. Language & Biology

5. Language & Chemistry

6. Language & Mathematics

7. Language & Physics

8. History & Geography

9. Chemistry & Biology

10. Physics & Mathematics

11. Chemistry & Mathematics

Elective Course : Generally a specialized course included to nurture the candidate personality. This has to be chosen by the candidate from a pool of courses offered by the college. Candidate shall choose the electives in 2nd Semester.

A. Hard Core Course

1. Philosophical & Sociological perspective and education

2. Psychology & the learning

3. Instructional Process

B. Soft Core Course

1. Soft Core-1

2. Soft Core-2

C. Term Work

1. Pre Internship filed learning

2. Practice and Communication Skills

3. Micro Teaching

4. Mini lesson

A. Hard Core Course

1. Psychology of the learning process

2. School Management

3. Contemporary issues and challenges in secondary education

B. Soft Core Course

1. Soft Core-3

2. Soft Core-4

C. Elective Course

1. Action Research

2. Women’s Education

3. Value Education

4. Environment Education

5. History of Indian Education

Course of Study

Semester I

A. Hard Core Course :

Course-I Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives of Education

Course-II Psychology of the Learner

Course-III Instructional Process

B. Soft Core Course :

Soft Core Course - I ( Methodology of Teaching Subject-I )

Soft Core Course - II ( Methodology of Teaching Subject-II )

C. Term Work (Pre- instructional practice) :

Pre internship Field learning

Practice of Communication Skills-One episode each in teaching subject-I and II

Micro Teaching-Practice of 5 presentation skills each in Teaching subject I and II

iv) Mini Teaching-Practice of one Mini Lesson each in Teaching subject I and II

D. Open/Self Study Elective :

This Course shall be offered by the colleges with the approval of BOS in Education

Semester II

A. Hard Core Course :

Course - IV Psychology of the Learning process

Course - V School Management

Course - VI Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Secondary Education

B. Soft Core Course :

Soft Core Course - III ( Methodology of Teaching Subject-I )

Soft Core Course - IV ( Methodology of Teaching Subject-II )

C. Elective Course: any One of the Following :

- Action Research

- Guidance and Counseling

- Technology of Education

- Distance Education

- Women’s Education

- Value Education

- Environmental Education

- Computer Education

- Health & Physical Education

- Inclusive Education

- Multimedia & E- Learning

- History of Indian Education

- Economics of Education

D. Term Work ( Internship in Teaching ) :

Soft Core Teaching Subject - I

Soft Core Teaching Subject - II