Vathsalya College of Education was established in 1994 - 1995 by Sree Nataraja Prathistana (R) is a Charitable Educational Trust (SNP), the pioneering educational management. SNP, in course of its sustained growth across twenty decades, has burgeoned as the foremost educational organization in Karnataka. SNP has grown as a global conglomerate of premier educational institutions and a symbol of emergent free India. The Trust engages more than 50 employees and provides education ranging from pre - school to post graduation and research. The mission statement of SET affirms that "every individual from each stratum of society deserves affordable, relevant and quality education". The Trust constantly strives to meet this social obligation by "inclusion and expansion of newer streams in its institutions" and provision of world-class infrastructure. The ultimate goal of the Trust is to nurture "knowledge that will lead to happiness, peace, harmony and prosperity."

The college offers Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and our stake holders largely comprise of the weaker sections of the society. We take keen interest in equipping the students with skills and knowledge needed to perform well in the society and profession. We always Endeavour to achieve academic excellence with our limited resources.

The management, faculty and administrative staff collaborate to provide the student's with an enriching educational experience that enables and empowers them to be strong and independent women, ready to face the challenges of the society and become contributing citizens. The friendly rapport between teachers and student's is the USP/UTLP (unique teaching learning proposition) of our institution.

Principal's Desk

Vathsalya College of Education nurtures and supports a unique system of education structured on values and combines the tenets of academic excellence with corporate professionalism.

The primary objective of education at Vathsalya College of Education is to create dynamic leaders in the corporate sector, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers and professionals who contribute to the development of society and nation at large. We are committed to maintaining high academic standards and preparing our students to secure rewarding employment on graduation. At the same time we believe that at SNP students should develop as individuals, gaining in self-confidence and developing a sense of enterprise.

We - staff and I – are with you in your quest for knowledge, celebrating your successes and watching you grow.